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A pre-purchase used car inspection is very important since this will make it easier for you to make a decision. When buying a used car, there are so many potential risks that you may run into. I am Miami’s best mobile mechanic and I will be happy to provide you with professional pre inspection services. You need to be sure of the condition of the vehicle before buying it. I will carry out a detailed inspection of the vehicle such that you will get to know the actual value of the desired vehicle.

My assessment is thorough and I will use my expertise to determine what is in place and what needs to be repaired. You can use the inspection as a validation of the asking price of the car. I will assess the condition of the vehicle with a professional eye and be able to identify all possible repairs required and previous malfunctions. If there are faults that have been covered up, I will reveal them. Vehicles have a wide range of accessories and components, which should also be inspected.

With the inspection of the pre-owned vehicle, you will be working with actual facts. My work has been to help potential vehicle buyers to save time and money. While you may not realize it, a pre-purchase used car inspection will save you a whole lot of hassle that you may incur with repairs. Once you contact me, I will schedule the inspection and come to you on-site. Get in touch today and I will be glad to help.


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