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Back at the time of the Seminole War with the Native Americans here in Florida, there was a collection of forts that helped in the war. They were named after the Major that was a key figure in the battles in the war, Major William Lauderdale, and where they stood during that time is where the present-day Fort Lauderdale, Florida is located now. A strategic stronghold and important part of history, Fort Lauderdale has a different but equal level of importance today with it being one of the largest cities in Florida and one of the port cities of the Sunshine state. A place like this with a mark on history and of such value today, can only have top quality services being offered to its citizens. This covers everything from restaurants to auto repair services, the latter is where I come in because I offer the best mobile mechanic services in the local area and to the regions all around it. 

There are four specific areas where I excel past the rest of the competition:

Winning Strategy- Similar to how the majors in the Seminole War, specifically, those using the forts to battle against the Seminole tribe of Native Americas, used strategy to win that war, I imply a strategic plan that helps you win the battle against vehicle wear and tear, big or frequent vehicle emergencies, paying an arm and leg for your auto repairs, being sucked into a time drain when you get auto repair services, and getting bad diagnostics or having a less than satisfactory customer experience when taking your vehicle in to get it worked on. Because I am a mobile mechanic, I can save you dollars, minutes to potentially hours, and due to my vast auto repair knowledge and skill I can assure you that you are getting the best diagnostics and repair services for your vehicle.  Lastly, but most importantly because of my tenure in providing top notch customer service, I can without hesitation know that you will always receive customer service that leaves you satisfied with all the work and how you are treated during the entire process.

The Best Health- Holy Cross Hospital which resides in this city, has been named on of the fifty best hospitals in the United States in the past, following that model, I bring that same level of care and commitment to the better health to your vehicle just like they do with their patients. Better health starts with knowing what to look for, where to look for it, and when and how to make the correct repairs, which means your auto mechanic need to be extremely conscious of many different high-level details about your vehicle and how to do the correct repairs on it. That is why you do not want to just take your vehicle to just anyone, you want to protect the health of your vehicle like you protect your own personal health, like your body, if you take care of your vehicle it will also take care of you. This is the reason why you should skip the others and bring your vehicle to me so I can give it the proper care and work that it needs to work at its best for you.

Going with the Tide- Going against the tide puts you in an immediate disadvantage and struggle, so when possible, it makes more sense to go with the tide like the waves that crash along Florida’s east coast do. What this means in relation to auto repair services is not doing things that make your job as the auto mechanic or mobile mechanic more difficult but equally important is not doing things that make the process harder for the customer or for their experience during the entire auto repair process. My goal from start to finish is to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

Head in the Clouds- With this level of customer service it will be hard for you to not feel as if you are standing on one of the skyscrapers around town because it will be like you have your heads in the clouds. This is the exact feeling that I feel is a must for customers that bring their vehicles for me to work on.  Each part of the service process is important (initial inspection, diagnosis, repairs, and final inspection/approval for road travel) but this process would never be complete or whole without a great customer service experience throughout it.automotive repair facilities in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and surrounding areas. We embody a standard of quality based on reputation, integrity, qualifications, and expertise.​

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